Freaking Pasta!!!!!! mmmm… =)

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This should be everyone’s affirmation!

THe most hated black man on TV……my nigga Edison, losing Kerry Washington to crazy white men on day at a time. 

I swear I’m tired….I CAN NOT take this into the new year…it’s not worth it
59 plays The Fighter Gym Class Heroes (ft Ryan Tedder)

Gym Class Heroes - The Fighter (ft Ryan Tedder)

I don’t know what this says about my character….but I died laughing when I saw

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That moment when you realize that you’re more forgiving than you thought…& you begin to wish you weren’t









This is what Mozart actually looks like. The image was found in a radio station in Belgium. Fact - the Moors (Black people) brought Classical Music to Europe.

You’re welcome.

Not only that but when you read the REAL bios of him, he’s described as having brown skin, “negroid features” (broad, wide nose, etc) and wiry hair. There was a post going around back in February that was very enlightening.

Wasn’t Beethoven part Moor (Black) too? There was a book written about his hair because Europeans were so transfixed with it!

Yes, Beethoven was Black. 

Real history returns.

Never heard about this but I read about Beethoven. He was referred to as “the black boy” and people were awed by his afro. 

I read up on this some more and I’ve come to the consensus that he certainly wasn’t WHITE. Definitely mulatto, and possible full black. But the idea that this man was caucasian is definitely white people trying to whitewash every revolutionary figure in history. What’s new?



lmao…this is priceless


Really going through some things internally

I just wish I could start my life over…

Honestly…I try to behave at work…BUT

Here lately, I’ve been wanting to sing “you’re makingg it harrrd for meee”… “baby, us, standingg so close…aint a good ideeaa”…especially in the back room.SMH…this man doesn’t understand that “the way that he’s talking to meee…makes me want him SO bad..sexuallyyy” lmao…Especially the last couple days…he’s been saying & doing shit that he KNOWS is going to make me feel some type of way…This is day 2…and each day it seems like this gets a lil worse…I better get some sex soon!!…We havent had any in like 2 weeks -__- and I feel like it’s wrong of him to bother me while we’re at work b/c he knows I cant do anything…I be so tempted to rape him at work though

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